Congratulations to TherOx, Inc. on Receiving FDA Approval

TherOx, Inc. has received FDA approval on a new medical device that provides SuperSaturated Oxygen directly to the heart muscle following a heart attack. This form of treatment shows huge promise in helping heart attack patients. Our team here at Lineberry Marketing is proud to have been a small part of this by helping TherOx recently revamp their website.

“We enjoy helping companies from various industries improve their web presence and communication online. When those companies are directly involved in improving patient outcomes and quality of life, it’s extra special to be involved.” -Owner of Lineberry Marketing, Jeff Lineberry

Congratulations and wishing continued success to an exceptional company.

Therox FDA Approval

Lineberry Marketing Sponsors the 2019 Triangle Wine Experience Benefiting the Frankie Lemmon School

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the 2019 Triangle Wine Experience January 31 – February 2, 2019. All proceeds from the Triangle Wine Experience benefit the Frankie Lemmon School, “a 5-star child development center that welcomes children with and without disabilities between the ages of 3 and 5. The school provides inclusive classrooms and experiences where all children can have a sense of belonging, friendships, and an opportunity to achieve their full potential.” (source: Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018
From all of us here at Lineberry Marketing, we would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for the opportunity to bring your business leads and help you succeed online. We will be closed Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd. We sincerely hope that you have a restful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. 

Google Phasing Out of Google+

Over the next 10 months, Google will phase out of Google+. Google’s decision follows a history of low usage and engagement. Google+ will remain active for enterprise customers who use it to facilitate conversation among co-workers. Now focusing on a “secure corporate social network”, Google+ will roll out new features for that use.

Though Google+ is phasing out, Google My Business has expanded displayed features for businesses such as business description, services, bookings, messaging, and the ability to post as you would have done with Google+. Though similar to Google+ posts, some ways the post feature is different is that it does not show regularly after seven days and it incorporates a call-to-action button.

Click here to learn more, and give us a call at (919) 830-2321  or fill out our online contact form with any questions regarding how we can help you grow your business with Google and other types of social platforms.

Google Began Showing “Not Secure” on HTTP Sites

secure siteWe mentioned in our previous post in February that Google would begin marking http sites as “Not Secure”. Yesterday, it became official. Google began showing “Not Secure” to the left of the web address in the URL. Where it previously would have shown: “”, it now shows “Not Secure |” This can not only hurt where your website shows up in Google’s search engine results (SEO ranking), but it will also hurt the confidence of visitors to your site when they see that warning.

If you’re site isn’t secure, please contact us or call us at (919) 830-2321. We would be happy to help.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Blog in Conjunction with Social Networks

Our clients often ask if they should post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on their website blog. The short answer is yes. The best way to get your updates or useful information out to as many clients and potential clients as possible is to publish the content as a blog post on your website, then to post the blog post onto your socials media channels. Incorporating your blog with social media drives clicks, improves rankings, and enriches your potential clients with useful information.  Continue reading