Is Your Small Business Ready For Summer?

Summer readyEvery business is unique but with the change of seasons, comes considerations that need to be made. From our experience working with small businesses and being a small business ourselves, we know it can be helpful to take stock of seasonal trends. Does your business tend to pick up or slow down during the summer months? What changes need to be made to reflect those fluctuations?

Here are a few things that can be helpful to assess before summer truly begins:

  • Do you need to adjust your business hours?
  • Do you need to increase or decrease your staff and/or their working hours?
  • Look at seasonal inventory patterns from last year. Do you need to purchase more or less than your usual amount?
  • Do the summer months typically lead to an increased amount of PTO among existing staff? Do you need to hire temporary staff to account for shortages?

The team at Lineberry Marketing Consultants wishes you a safe, rejuvenating, and joyful Memorial Day weekend! Contact us if you would like to discuss your summer marketing needs.