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The Importance of Marketing During Turbulent Times

You would be hard-pressed to find a business not affected in some way by the shut down of our economy. At Lineberry Marketing Consultants, we have had a front-row seat for the effect it has had on the small businesses in our community, and we are proud to have been a part of keeping them going.

It is common knowledge that in the marketing industry, one of our main objectives is to increase the lead flow for our clients. What many do not know is the importance of a communication strategy to keep your customers informed of any changes to your business hours, operating procedures, policies, service areas, offerings, and more. Additionally, investing in search engine optimization enables your clients to be able to find you regardless of the size of your advertising budget. 

We have been honored to help carry our clients through this difficult time. Though we are not through it yet, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. We would like to take a moment to remind everyone to please continue supporting the small businesses in your community.

If we can be of assistance to your small business in any way, contact us today and we would be happy to discuss how we can help.